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Rostock ferry terminal and city information

The Rostock ferry terminal is located on the eastern side of the Warnow river estuary, about a 20-minute drive from the old town center. Here, ferries sail between Rostock and Gedser, as well as between Rostock and Trelleborg, marking a 6-hour crossing to southern Sweden.

Besides being a major ferry port, Rostock is also a beautiful old Hanseatic city worth visiting if your travel schedule allows.

Getting to the ferry port

The harbor area is large, and upon arriving by car, navigating the signposts might require a bit of attention. The good news is that most ferries depart from the same location, making it hard to miss the departure point.

To reach the harbor by car, follow the A19 from the east or the B105 from the west. From the A19, follow the signs indicating “Baltic Sea Ferries / Ostsee-Fähren.” If coming from the B105, take the first exit after the toll gates, marked with a sign reading “Überseehafen.”

  • When arriving from the A19, make sure to follow the signs labeled “Baltic Sea Ferries / Ostsee-Fähren.”
  • If you’re approaching via the B105, take the initial exit right after passing through the toll gates. This exit is indicated by a sign displaying “Überseehafen.”

After taking the exit, keep to the left. Fährcenter Gedser/Trelleborg. The road will then guide you to signs above the road indicating which lane you should be in.

Ferry port facilities

At the northern tip is the terminal where a restroom is available. However, the facilities are quite limited. Midway, you might find a Terminal Snack car. Fortunately, there’s plenty to buy and do onboard the ferry!

Exploration  & Activities in Rostock Center

If you’re thinking about visiting Rostock while catching a ferry, make sure to plan ahead. The ferry terminal in Rostock is about a 22-minute drive from the city center, so keep that in mind when organizing your trip. If you really want to enjoy Rostock, you really need 3 hours or more.

A 3-hour visit to Rostock from the A19

If you’re planning to visit Rostock, it’s a good idea to schedule about 3 hours for the total trip. When you arrive from the A19 highway look for the street called ‘Am Strande’. There, you’ll find a parking lot called ‘Parkplatz an den Speichern’. From there, it’s a nice 18-minute walk to the old town area of Rostock. See image below for guidance:

18 minute walk to rostock altstadt

Rostock Center offers numerous opportunities for exploration. Take a stroll along the Warnow River, where you can enjoy the sight of fishing boats and yachts gracefully mingling in the harbor.

Port of Rostock

As you wander, you’ll come across the iconic St. Mary’s Church, a towering Gothic masterpiece with panoramic city views.

To taste local culture, visit the historic Kröpeliner Straße, a charming street lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants, perfect for finding souvenirs and savoring local cuisine.

History enthusiasts will delight in the Rostock Town Hall, a stunning brick building that is a testament to the city’s rich heritage. The Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

central square and church Rostock

For a touch of artistic inspiration, the Kunsthalle Rostock art gallery boasts an impressive collection of contemporary and classical works, providing a feast for art lovers’ eyes. If you’re seeking a tranquil escape, the Stadtpark Rostock offers a serene oasis with lush greenery, walking paths, and even a small lake.

As you plan your time in Rostock Center, these attractions can help create unforgettable memories before embarking on your ferry journey to Gedser or all the way to Copenhagen.

For more info and to plan your visit, you can explore the official websites of these attractions.

Ferry Tickets

The most affordable tickets are available through the ferry operator Scandlines.

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