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About Rostock Gedser

Who we are

RostockGedser.com was developed with the goal of providing you with the best available information about the Rostock Gedser ferry route.ย 

Here, you’ll find ferry timetables, weather forecasts, wave heights, user videos, and other useful details. We delve deeper into the harbor towns of Rostock and Gedser themselves. What is there to do in the village? How do you reach the ferry? And while you’re waiting, is there a restroom available?

These are just a few examples of handy tips we’ve gathered for you. Since 2017, we’ve been actively involved in providing information about ferry routes. We often find these routes to be unclear, partly due to complex ferry prices and the need to navigate multiple websites to plan routes.

While it began as a hobby to map out ferry lines, the company behind Rostock-Gedser (read more about us on FerryGoGo) has grown into a true ferry specialist. We simply love to travel by ferry โค๏ธ and with that we try to provide ad much guidance as we can.

We have a team of 5 dedicated to enhancing information for ferry travelers, striving for a better experience.


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    Navigating ferry schedules and routes can be a challenge, as it’s not always clear when or where a ferry is headed, especially with lesser-known routes.

    That’s where we come in: Our service assists travelers in selecting the optimal ferry connections from destinations across the globe.

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