Experience Ferry Magic: 5 Reasons to Plan Your Trip Today!

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Tired of waiting in long lines and cramped seats at crowded airports? This season, leave the hassle behind, hop in your own car, and take a ferry!

5 Reasons why you should book today

#1 Ferries offer significant discounts for those who book early

If you book today you might be able to pick up that discount which could be gone by tomorrow! Just take a look at this small selection of ferry operators and alle the early booking options:

    All of the above ferry operators offer special early booking tickets, with discounts of up to 40%. Ferries are simply cheaper if you book today rather than tomorrow.

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    #2 Ferries are spacious and comfortable

    While a plane used to be comfortable: The last years it gets closer and closer to a bus-experience. On a ferry you instantly have the space you need: There is always space on the upper deck. You don’t need to rush, you can walk and sit in restaurants freely! And let’s not even get started about the amenities on board:

    • Many ferries feature Wi-Fi, entertainment options, and children’s play areas.
    • Access to outdoor decks, bars, and scenic viewing points greatly enhances the travel experience.
    Playground on the Hoek of Holland Harwich ferry
    Here you can see the playground at a Stena Line ferry, just ask your kids what they prefer!

    #3 Ferries are an eco-friendly travel option

    Let’s be clear: Avoiding travel altogether and opting for bridges or tunnels (where available) will be much more environmentally friendly.

    But… if you want to travel and if you want to have a nice experience:

    • Ferries generally have a lower carbon footprint compared to airplanes.
    • Modern ferries are increasingly adopting green technologies, such as cleaner fuel and energy-efficient designs.
    • Especially the Nordic countries (Denmark & Norway) are frontrunners with greener and more sustainable ferries.

    Read more more about the sustainability of ferries or a comparison between different mode of transports against ferries.

    #4 Your holiday starts the moment you board the ferry

    Traveling by ferry isn’t just a means to an endβ€”it’s an integral part of your vacation experience. It’s the perfect start to a memorable holiday.

    An air hockey match against your kids might just be the perfect start of your holiday!

    And… That’s not the only thing! Most ferry terminals are located or connected to the city center in a convenient way. Ever been to Londen Heathrow for example? That’s not something that you encounter with ferries!

    #5 And probably the best reason: you can take your car with you!

    One of the best advantages of ferry travel is the ability to bring your own vehicle. Whether it’s a car, camper, or motorcycle, having your transportation means you can explore your destination at your own pace and convenience.

    So you can avoid the costs of the rental company and you don’t have to walk around with suitcases, since they can simply stay in the car all the way to your destination! (of even better: multiple destinations!)

    To conclude

    And this is just only 5 reasons, there are so much more. Just imagine the line by the toilet in a plane against a the 100s of toilets (you can even have your own in your cabin) on the larger ferries.

    So if you are ready to book today try the following link for the ferry from Rostock to Gedser ➚ and see if you are still eligible for that early booking!

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