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Exploring the alternative routes

The ferry from Rostock to Gedser has a few alternatives. A popular alternative route to Denmark is the Puttgarden-Rødby ferry. This is particularly interesting for travelers coming from the western side of Germany. You can also drive all the way to Denmark or Sweden via the toll bridges.
Travelers to Sweden can head directly to Sweden with the Rostock-Trelleborg ferry.

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An efficient way to reach Denmark by ferry is via the Puttgarden Rodby ferry. Although this route is 200 km longer when starting from Rostock, a significant portion of this distance heads northward, eliminating the need for sea travel.

Consequently, the Puttgarden Rodby crossing can be completed in just 30 minutes, which is 90 minutes quicker than the Rostock-Gedser crossing. This option could be particularly nice for travelers arriving from western regions of Germany.

Driving all the way via the bridges


An alternative route involves using the Great Belt Bridge, commonly referred to as Storebæltsbroen, which links the Danish islands of Funen and Zealand. This an the E20 highway. If you’re coming from Germany, you can utilize the highways leading to Flensburg and subsequently follow the E45 route that leads to the Great Belt Bridge.

This bridge operates as a toll road, and you have the option to pre-register your license plate to facilitate a seamless journey.

The bridge has very nice views over the sea, after the bridge you can proceed with your travel to Copenhagen,  Malmö and/or Helsingborg.

Going to Sweden? Consider a direct ferry!

Direct ferry to Sweden

The ferry from Rostock to Trelleborg could be suitable for individuals looking to journey to Sweden. This ferry covers a distance of approximately 155 km in about 6 hours.

Alternative Ferry Routes

Puttgarden to Rodby is not really a similar route, however it does cross to Denmark from Germany.

Tickets for Other Routes

The most affordable tickets are available through the ferry operator Scandlines.

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